Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Mists of Pandara Beta Screenshot

I've been plugging away at the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandara beta for a few weeks now.  So far I really like the direction it's heading.  Everything is very pretty to look at.

Click to Enlarge: Bodies, bodies everywhere....
It is, however, a beta.  So it still has a lot of bugs and polish that needs to be worked out before it's ready.  One such of these are exploitables.  There are zones where mobs and NPC's continuously spawn in great number, and those classes that have massive AOE's can constantly down those NPC's for massive experience points.  Shown in the picture is one such area where shadow priests were camping. Notice the massive pile of bodies on the rock in the background.  I had to scale my graphics to the lowest possible settings just to be able to log in due the shear amount of clutter.

Every game has alphas and betas, which is where things are meant to get tested and worked on.  A common saying is "Beta is beta".  It's very true.  This is by no means a final product.

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